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Korean Deepfake

Jan 15, 2021 · A petition filed Wednesday on the Cheong Wa Dae website urging strong punishment for deepfake porn producers and distributors has garnered more than 330,000 signatures over a single day. Korean Deepfake

Now, at the age of 51, she often enjoys listening to his sentimental melodies and poetic lyrics. But the fact that I can see him and listen to his music through artificial intelligence AI technology brought back all those wonderful feelings,” Choi said. For fans like Choi, holographic re-creation technology is a blessing. In December , cable music channel Mnet presented AI-generated holographic performances of the late singers Kim Hyun-sik and Turtleman , who both died tragically young in their 30s.

AI vs Human,” scheduled for broadcast Jan. Holograms of celebrities have made public appearances in the past, including virtual re-creations of Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson which performed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and Billboard Music Awards, respectively.

The musicians’ image and voice can be recreated, which means the AI-rendered singers can perform other artists’ songs regardless of when they were released.

As such advanced technology seeps into the field of music, some experts have expressed their belief that there are potential benefits for pop culture. But they also advise caution. Music critic Lim Jin-mo recognized the contributions AI can make in terms of technology and musical arrangement. It can also aid the process of establishing a framework for compositions and musical arrangements,” he said. The question of ethics inevitably emerges as people contemplate how digitally resurrecting the dead through AI technology for the benefit of popular culture can affect the value of human dignity and emotion.

Last month, the Ministry of Science and ICT announced for the first time ethical standards for AI development that place value on human dignity and public interest. And because the same song released in and can have a vastly different public reception, music should consciously reflect the people and the atmosphere of that particular era,” he said.

If we keep reviving the stars through AI, then they don’t get to have closure. It’s like adding preservative. And the feeling of longing and nostalgia is only possible when there remains at least some distance, but use of such technology may exhaust that sentiment,” he told The Korea Times.

It’s possible it could become too much for them to handle. The responsibility, therefore, should lie with the producers and broadcasters to effectively manage the process. Also us similar technology, actors can be rendered who look just like the originals will be able to partake in stunts for special effects or imaginary scenes that cannot be done by real people,” said Jeon Chang-bae, chairman of the Korea Artificial Intelligence Ethics Association KAIEA.

If the technology becomes mainstream and the number of virtually rendered people increases rapidly, it could also make it difficult to confirm the true identity of the individual, especially for the sectors that require certification, including banking and voting, he explained.

In terms of enacting policy regarding AI technology, Lee Hee-dae, professor of media and communication at Kwangwoon University, called for flexible legal interpretation and the establishment of social consent. Therefore, they instead need to focus on establishing a bigger picture and social consent and expanding the legal interpretation to flexibly deal with such issues.

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