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Life After Money

Apr 29, 2020 · Many Democrats have had November 3, 2020, circled on their calendars since the day Donald Trump won the White House back in 2016, believing that is the day that the billionaire businessman will be .

Wednesday, 27 January It’s spring. Isn’t it amazing that there are people up there drifting around the earth in a massive lump of metal. I was doing stuff on the computer this morning and the International Space Station popped up on the side bar.

The astronauts were about to go out on a space walk and do some repairs. Everything is in slow motion, there is a detailed commentary describing what is happening, and they show different shots from different cameras.

At last someone came out. It’s general waste bin collection day today. I only have one bag so it’s not worth me dragging my bin up to the front for that. I put my neighbours bin out because he is always busy, and popped my bag in there. It’s been like the first day of spring today. Not a whisper of a breeze, very mild, and the sun came out mid afternoon.

I went a walk around the village. There is a new cinder track around the perimeter of the playing field, so I included that. A small group of lads were playing footie, and a boy was climbing a tree while his day looked on. As I was heading towards home there was a lovely small of fish and chips. The mobile chippy van was on the way to his usual spot on the playing fields car park. It seems very popular, always has people waiting when I have been past while they were serving.

I did ask once what they cooked their chips in. They use animal fat, so that was a no thanks from me then. When I got back there was still a bit of daylight left so I spent half an hour on my hands and knees pulling weeds up.

I have just finished the last portion of stew, I’ll make another one tomorrow. Thanks for popping in. Catch up soon. Toodle pip.

Life After Money: My Videos

Life After Money

Money saved is put towards holidays, a decent car, and days out. I love life, and it needn’t cost a fortune to enjoy it. Oscar. 1000 mile challenge 2020. We start our sixth year of the 1000 mile walking challenge on the 1st of January. Members of the International Walking Group will need to report in on the 1st of every month with their own …

Richard Nixon: Life After the Presidency Miller Center

After leaving Washington, Nixon and his wife Pat returned to California and "La Casa Pacifica," their home in San Clemente, California. The former President was a broken man with little idea of what to do next and how to pick up his life. He soon suffered a physical setback as well.

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Life After Money

Mar 06, 2020 · Starting a new life can be a great opportunity to make refreshing choices and decisions. However, doing so with no money can present a bit of a challenge as well. To make the most of your new life, start by creating a list of goals and keeping a positive mindset. Learn …Views: 79K

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Aug 01, 2017 · The second of these periods, which I call New Horizons, usually begins after New Freedom has been around for a while and we’re comfortable with having some open, uncommitted life …

Life After Money: My money saving tips

Life After Money

Life After Money My money saving tips Before you wash your clothes inspect them to see if they really need washing. Sniff them, do they smell, are they crumpled, have you spilt anything down them, are …

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