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Edit on GitHub This guide has been marked for review. If you are just getting started with Orchard module development you should read the Getting Started with Modules course first. It will introduce you to building modules with Orchard using Visual Studio Community, a free edition of Visual Studio.

Fields can be used in Orchard to build new content types. Orchard comes with a few built-in field types such as text, date or enumeration, but it is possible to build your own field types that can then be used to build new content types.

This topic will teach you how to add such a new field type. We will assume Visual Studio and a full source code enlistment are being used in this topic. It is possible to build this module without it by simply manipulating the csproj file and adding the relevant files in there. Please consult Creating a module with a simple text editor for an example of module building without Visual Studio.

Objectives Learn the steps to add a new field type to Orchard. The goal is to have a Date and Time editor so that any existing or new Content Type can let the user select a Date or a Time very easily. Creating a Module We will create the new field type inside a new Orchard module so that it can be easily distributed. We will use Code Generation feature for that.

Important: Before you can generate the file structure for your module, you need to download, install, and enable the Code Generation feature for Orchard. Once the Code Generation feature has been enabled, you can type the following codegen command on the Orchard command-line.

For example, you may open the Module. This also demonstrates categories and dependencies. Globalization; using Orchard. ContentManagement; using Orchard. FieldStorage; using Orchard. Extensions; namespace CustomFields.

TryParse value, CultureInfo. InvariantCulture, DateTimeStyles. Empty : value. ToString CultureInfo. The fields will be stored as strings. Creating a View Model It is good practice although not mandatory to create one or several view models that will be used as the model in the admin template that we will use to render instances of our field.

Creating Settings for the Field This flexibility in rendering that we just introduced in the view model can be exposed as settings for the field. This way, administrators can configure fields on the content types they create in order to adapt them to their exact needs. The settings class itself is just an ordinary class with one property typed with that enumeration.

Writing the Driver Exactly like a part, a field has a driver that will be responsible for handling display and editing actions on the field when it’s been added to a content type. Annotations; using Orchard; using Orchard. Drivers; using CustomFields. Settings; using CustomFields. ViewModels; using Orchard. Handlers; using Orchard. Localization; namespace CustomFields. Name field. Date value. ToShortDateString : String.

Time value. ToShortTimeString : String. ShowDate settings. DateAndTime settings. ShowTime settings. DateTime; if value. TryParse viewModel. Name ; field. Element GetPrefix field, part. SetAttributeValue “DateTime”, field. We start by injecting the localizer dependency the T property so that we can create localizable strings throughout the code. The static GetPrefix method is a conventionally defined method that is used to create unique column names in the database for instances of the field type.

We then have two actions, Display and Editor, which start by fetching the settings and value for the field and build shapes out of them. Note The UsedImplicitly attribute is only here to suppress a warning from Resharper. It could be removed without much harm. The shapeHelper object provides some helper methods to create shapes, two of which can be seen in action here.

The second Editor method is the one that is called when the admin form is submitted. Its job is to map the submitted data back into the field and then to call the first Editor method to render the editor on the screen again.

Writing the Templates We need to write the views that will determine how our field is represented in admin and front-end UI. Create a Fields and an EditorTemplates directory under Views. Then create another Fields directory under EditorTemplates. Include “datetime. Require “jQuery” ; Script. Require “jQueryUtils” ; Script. Date “. Time “. Then, it defines the editor as a date picker and a time picker according to the field’s configuration.

The fields are regular text boxes that are unobtrusively enriched by date and time pickers using jQuery UI plug-ins. To specify the order and location where these templates will be rendered within the composed page, we need to add a Placement. We still need to take care of managing and persisting the settings for the field. Generic; using Orchard. MetaData; using Orchard. Builders; using Orchard. Models; using Orchard. ViewModels; namespace CustomFields. Display”, model. The first method gets the settings and determines the template to render, and the second updates the model with the values from the submitted form and then calls the first.

The editor template for the field is defined by the following DateTimeFieldSettings. DateAndTime, Model. DateAndTime, T “Date and time”. ToString Html. DateOnly, Model. DateOnly, T “Date only”. TimeOnly, Model. TimeOnly, T “Time only”. Otherwise, in order for the Orchard dynamic compilation engine to be able to pick up our new module’s cs files, we need to add them to the CustomFields.

ContentTypes feature is enabled. Also enable our new DateTimeField feature under Fields. Once it is, you can click on Manage content types in the admin menu. Click Create new type and give it the name “Event”. Click Add next to fields and type in “When” as the name of the field. Select our new DateTime field type as the type of the field. The settings for the field are also the opportunity to determine where the field will appear on the front end if you want to override the defaults.

Let’s skip that for now. Add the Route part so that our events can have a title, then hit Save. We can now add a new event by clicking Create Event in the admin menu. The editor that gets created for us has a when field with nice date and time pickers: Create an event and save it. You can now view it on the site: Getting the Code.

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