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The Sparticle Mystery – Test Take this quiz about a show where a group of children on a visit to some caves return to the surface, where every person over 15 has disappeared.

During a rescue mission, Reese teams up another sensitive named Aris, and they manage to send one of the teen parents home and escape with Holly’s teen mother Kim. Meanwhile, a resistance member Jenna snitches on the Sparticles via a Truthline and joins the bounty hunters Fizzy and Bryan. They kidnap Frankie while she’s away from the others but Ernesto leads them to an abandoned factory, where the Sparticles manage to rescue Frankie and slow down the bounty hunters but also manage to get Ernesto fired from the resistance.

Meanwhile, Dora helps Aris escape after wiping his memory and Kim discovers she is Holly’s teen Mother. Note: First Appearance of Rat and Jenna. Sadiq, Holly, Frankie and Kim are locked up while looking for the boy, Orion, but are soon rescued by Reese and Aris before the Bounty Hunters find them.

Orion shows Reese and Aris a book which relates to their dreams and the laylines. After Serena gets Ernesto accidentally tied up and turned into a trap, the rest of the Sparticles are trapped but are rescued by Orion who sends Jenna home, taking Fizzy and Bryan’s relationship down a notch.

The Sparticles escape but leave Orion and his friend behind to be mind-wiped. Note: First Appearance of Orion and last appearance of Jenna.

Note: Rat is absent in this episode. Reese finds out that the ‘Red Dragon’ comet is going to pass by in September and that it’s made of luminite. Meanwhile, Ernesto and Serena are attempting to earn Rat’s trust again by going through rather straining military exercises, Fizzy and Bryan make a breakthrough with finding the Sparticles and Dora finds out how to get Orion to connect with Reese.

Note: First regular appearance of HoloDora voice only. At the resistance HQ, the two meet Rat’s child — which will eventually grow up to be Ernesto. Meanwhile, Kylie is impatient to learn the Sparticles plan, she has Dora trick Orian to connect to Reese and she accidentally tipping them off about the Resistance’s plan and their own. Note: Final Appearance of Rat. Note: HoloDora is absent in this episode. Frankie escapes and befriends her servant Robyn, who reveals that she is the real Lady Lucy and the imposter stole her identity.

Serena and Ernesto arrive at the forest in time to rescue everyone and discover the real Lady Lucy is a sensitive. Meanwhile at the Citadel, Kylie wipes Orion’s mind and discovers the Sparticle’s plan. Orion explains the plan about the “special places” Reese spoke about to be several points called laylines across the country mirroring the Orion constellation where the sensitives are going to stand. The sensitive, known as Jason, reveals that Holly is pregnant and in perfect health, much to Ernesto’s shock and delight.

Meanwhile the bounty hunters chase Reese and Aris into a Quantum Fracture where the two find themselves in the adult dimension, and manage to download HoloDora onto a tablet and return home to continue on with the mission. Note: Guest Appearance of Jason and Holly’s mother. Serena, Reese and HoloDora send Bua home, to Sadiq’s dismay, of losing their fifth sensitive, and to Aris’ annoyance that Reese did not allow him to help send Bua home. Serena and Ernesto take Fizzy and Bryan’s jeep which the Fisher tribe stole the keys for and part ways which they go to the citadel to rescue Orion, while Sadiq and the others search for the sixth sensitive.

Note: Erimon is absent in this episode. Note: Guest Appearance of Bua. Meanwhile Serena and Blackjack Sporting Clays break Orion out of the citadel, helping him remember who the true Sparticles are with Reese’s friendship bracelet. HoloDora also enters the Citadel and finds Dora, only to Blackjack Sporting Clays shocked when she finds out that her teen mother is helping the evil Queen, and then accidentally mentioning the Red Dragon comet.

Kylie uses this information and takes matters into her own hands by heading to the Circle of Perpetual Time with the after overhearing Dora and Erimon plotting against her.

Serena, Ernesto and Orion successfully escape the Citadel, but Blackjack Sporting Clays the knowledge that Kylie knows the full Sparticle plan. This is the first episode in the entire series in which Sadiq, Reese and Frankie do not appear. However, when Aris disappears, the rest of the Sparticles vanish one by one. The source of the kidnappings is Queen Sparticle Mystery, who reached the house first and is aware of a different sensitive who turns out to be the ‘ghost’ in the house.

Reese and Yanx have the perfect opportunity to send Kylie home but are stopped by Aris, who believes he is saving his mother and leaves with her. The Sparticles leave the mansion with confirmation that Orion has been broken out of the citadel and that Kylie is planning to block the Sensonet at the Circle of Perpetual Time. Note: Sparticle Mystery Appearance of Yanx. Sadiq and Serena break up in an argument and Kylie tests the Neuroscrambler on Sadiq when she works with the Troll Sparticle Mystery Trina and ties him up and wipes his memories of the day.

Aris rejoins the Sparticles as a spy for Kylie. Note: Orion is absent in this episode. Ernesto follows him to his garden, and discovers the Circle of Perpetual Time. Frankie, Reese and later Sadiq discover that Aris is a spy for Kylie, who is at the lighthouse setting up the Neuroscrambler.

Dora and Erimon arrive with the transmitter, and Aris discovers Kylie has been lying to him and rejoins the Sparticles who believe The Keeper is the final sensitive. Kim reveals to Holly that she is her Teen Mum, but then issues arrive when The Keeper isn’t the final sensitive. The Neuroscrambler breaks down, due to HoloDora’s interference, Kylie orders Dora to repair it, and threatens to push Erimon off the cliff if she doesn’t.

Dora attempts to fix it but HoloDora messes with the Neuroscrambler’s coding, leaving it stuck on mind-wipe mode, meaning the only way to save the sensitives is to turn it off. Dora still turns it on due to her feelings for Erimon. Aris explains Kylie’s plan to burn out the minds of the Sensitives using the comet including the baby.

Bryan thinks that the baby won’t be affected to greatly as she doesn’t know much, which infuriates Fizzy, who states that’s why Bryan never made a good father in his future. Fizzy helps the Blackjack Sporting Clays break into the lighthouse and disable the Blackjack Sporting Clays while Aris stays with the keeper, discovering that he dreams about the comet too.

Kylie shuts Fizzy and the Sparticles outside, believing she is unable to trust anyone after Erimon’s ‘betrayal’. HoloDora shows Kylie, Erimon and Dora and image of Holly and Ernesto’s daughter, and explain that if she goes ahead with her plan, she will fry her mind. Kylie remains ignorant, even with Ernesto’s plead to spare her and the sensitives. Kim brings the baby to Reese and Aris, but the sensitives can’t connect with her.

Kylie attempts one final try at convincing Aris not to line up, but instead he heals her scar with Jason’s powers. Aris figures out the keeper’s riddles and learns that the herb garden isn’t the circle of perpetual time, but the old man was. They quickly race to the lighthouse where the old man is.

The Keeper’s powers activate when he holds Holly’s baby and the sensitive link up. The comet passes over, Blackjack Sporting Clays nothing happens, because HoloDora steals the power and becomes real. Upon realizing what she really looked like, Dora convinces her to do the right thing and send the teen parents home. She releases the energy into a portal, which sends, Kylie, Erimon, Dora, Bryan, Kim, Orion and all the other teen parents back to their times.

Holly is searching for the others when her mother emerges, and they embrace. Fizzy’s dad Blackjack Sporting Clays other adults appear as well. HoloDora had altered the quantum energy transfer to Blackjack Sporting Clays back their proper parents possibly losing the old man in the process, who appeared as a hologram with HoloDora.

Holly and Ernesto present Kim with her granddaughter whom they named ‘Kimmy’, after her. The Sparticles rejoice and celebrate the victory in bringing back their parents, bringing their quest to an end. The episode and show ends on a celebratory “We did it. Note: This is the final episode.


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Confusion soon turns into jubilation as they realise the whole world is now their playground, and the usual, adult-enforced boundaries and constraints no longer exist. However, to one group, thrown together by circumstance and christened the Sparticles, the situation is clearly fraught.

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The Sparticle Mystery is a British science fiction television series written and created by Alison Hume and produced by Sparticles Productions for CBBC.Actors: Karim Zeroual

The Sparticle Mystery – Test

The Sparticle Mystery – Test Take this quiz about a show where a group of children on a visit to some caves return to the surface, where every person over 15 has disappeared.

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Aug 17, 2017 · Parents need to know that The Sparticle Mystery is a British kids’ fantasy series depicting a world without adults, thanks to a science experiment gone wrong. Kids are shown having to survive on their own — tracking down places to stay, food to eat, and in some cases, necessary medicine (a character is diabetic, another has cerebral palsy).3/5

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